• Exploring Great Activities For Children In Las Vegas

    Children With ickey Mouse

    Las Vegas has earned a great reputation of being ‘adult-friendly’ location; however, there is a dazzling array of outdoor and indoor activities that families could get involved in along with their kids. Here are some of the great activities for children in Las Vegas.

    Pinball Hall Of Fame

    Pinball Hall of Fame is not so far from the Strip. Children love the spot as they enjoy playing on a great variety of pinball machines that have been there from 1950s here. Adults too are seen to get completely immersed in the slot machines, which make them forget the slot machines. Besides, there is a memory lane as well which is worth exploring for getting that rejuvenating experience.

    Springs Preserve

    Springs Preserve offers a unique combination of nature preserve and a science museum, providing great interactive experience to children. The best part is the availability of countless educational exhibits including the most popular and cherished ‘flash floods display.’ Other intriguing things include live animal shows, which provide a chance to children to get closer to the natural world. There is the delightful butterfly habitat as well. Adventure loving families could always embark upon Spring Preserve Trail that takes them through the desert vegetation.

    Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

    Red Rock has always been a great spot for families who are looking for unlimited fun and entertainment. There is an array of scenic loops and trails here that completely rejuvenate a person. One is left completely speechless at the marvellous desert landscapes around them. However, parents and kids must be careful of scorpions, snakes, and other creatures here.

    Discovery Children’s Museum

    Discovery Children’s Museum is the perfect place to visit along with kids, as it has plenty of interactive activities that could engage the kids for hours. The best part is that kids learn in a fun and interactive way here. So, the main theme of the museum is ‘learning by doing’ as kids try various hands-on activities here and explore a great deal about the latest inventions, art forms, environment, etc. Besides the nine permanent exhibits there are some temporary exhibits as well.

    Wet ‘N’ Wild

    Visit to this water park leaves the children completely charged up and energized. There are various places that are designed for kids of all age groups. Besides, there are some really exciting attractions and slides here. Pick of the lot is Paradise Falls, with plenty of ‘splash-worthy’ zones that provide unlimited fun to kids. Smaller kids love to explore the slides in the Kiddie Cove, as they are meant specifically for them.

    Drive-In Movie Theater

    Though the concept of drive-in movie theatre has become obsolete now, still, kids love to explore the ‘West Wind,’ which is a great tourist spot in Las Vegas. Families should contemplate visiting the spot as this is certainly a unique and unforgettable experience for kids.

    Zip-Line Locations

    Last but not least, parents could explore various zip-line locations in Las Vegas that offer thrilling experience to kids. Some of the great spots to visit in this category include SlotZilla located at Fremont Street, and Bootleg Canyon for that stupendous FlightLinez experience.

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