• Exploring Outdoor Activities That One Could Do In Las Vegas

    View Of Biking

    Millions of people around the world are infatuated with the idea of hitting the Strip in Las Vegas, simply to get that experience of visiting those glitzy nightclubs or those smoky casinos. However, they fail to realize that the place has a dazzling array of scintillating things to offer to the tourists, and the locals as well for that matter. So, here is a look at the outdoor activities that one could do while being in Las Vegas.


    People in Las Vegas have countless options to go for hiking in Las Vegas. There are a number of spots that not only offer chances of exercising but also offer sweeping views of the surroundings. For instance, Mount Charleston is a great spot to go hiking during summers, as one gets the most sought after relief from the scorching heat. The trail takes one to a higher altitude and the temperature is invariably lower here than the other areas in Las Vegas. Another great trail in Las Vegas is Raintree Trail which stretches 6 miles. The trail is flanked by trees and gives one a chance to see bristlecone pine tree which is believed to be around 3000 years old. The trail takes one to a height of 1100 feet; so, one could expect great workout here, along with seeing some sweeping views of the mountains.

    Besides, there are other trails like Mt. Charleston, Anniversary Narrows in Lake Mead, etc. that are a great delight to visit.


    One could also explore the option of biking in Las Vegas. There is the ‘River Mountains Loop Trail’ located around Lake Mead, which is suitable for biking. The bike path is completely paved, and takes one through the edges of mountains, offering breathtaking views of Las Vegas Valley and Lake Mead.

    Scenic Driving

    Las Vegas has some great locations that are perfectly suitable for scenic driving. One of these areas is the Red Rock National Recreation Area. One is greeted with sweeping views of the surrounding bright rock formations while driving on this scenic 13 mile route. Besides, the route is one-way, so there is no need to worry about the oncoming traffic as well.

    Stand Up Paddle Boarding

    Paddle Boarding is another great outdoor activity that one could do in Lake Las Vegas, which is just half an hour drive from the Strip. The lake spans 320 acre and is surrounded by beautiful desert mountains. One could rent stand-up-paddle boards and have fun.


    One could always exercise the option of kayaking in the unmistakable Colorado River in Las Vegas. One could get glimpses of Arizona Hot Springs as well by renting a kayak. These kayaks take one to area near the hot springs. So, one could simply explore the canyons, or relax while they are inside hot springs.

    Zip Lining

    Last but not least, one could explore the option of zip lining as well. One could take the popular zipline tours that are offered in Bootleg Canyon. These tours give one a chance to explore Mojave Desert from the top. Besides the daytime tours sunset tours are also offered here.

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