• Exploring Outdoor Activities Tourists Can Do While In Las Vegas

    Man Hiking In Valley Of Fire

    Las Vegas has always been a great tourist destination, as there is a dazzling array of glittering nightclubs and casinos here. Moreover, there are plenty of shopping malls, restaurants, as well as hotels that catch the fancy of the visitors. However, besides this incredible infrastructure there are a number of outdoor activities available for the tourists in Las Vegas. So, there is always a great deal of things that tourists could engage in while they are in Las Vegas. Here is a list of some of the outdoor activities that are there in Las Vegas.

    Hiking In Valley Of Fire

    Hiking in Valley of Fire is an amazing experience as tourists get to see beautiful scenery which is akin to desert scenery in the South West America. They come across all sorts of bizarre rock formations while on their way to the north-eastern strip, which basically leads them to state park in Valley of Fire. So, tourists could opt for hiking in this state park for getting the most hypnotizing experience. The place abounds in natural landscape.

    Kayaking In Colorado River

    Visitors to Las Vegas invariably opt for the trip to Hoover Dam, which enables them experience various aspects of electricity generation from close proximity. However, besides this, there is the option of kayaking in Colorado River as well, which offers another perspective of experiencing the dam. So, there are a number of expeditions that provide kayak tours and let tourists explore the beauty of Colorado River, as well as Hoover Dam.

    Exploring Grand Canyon By Riding A Helicopter

    Another outdoor adventure that tourists could engage in is riding a helicopter and exploring the natural chasm, the signature attraction of the US, the unmistakable Grand Canyon! There are a number of helicopter tours on offer that provide great sightseeing experience.

    Golfing At Beautiful Angel Park

    Another outdoor activity to do in Las Vegas is golfing. There are a number of spots suitable for golfing, and the pick of the lot is Angel Park. It is a laid-back spot in Summerlin, which is simply loved by locals. Tourists are invariably adorned by the awe-inspiring expansive views of Las Vegas Valley from here. Moreover, one could also experience great views of Red Rock Canyon Desert as well. The course is well-maintained too, and there is a facility of playing at night as well.

    Exploring Red Rock Canyon Via Cycling

    Red Rock Canyon is simply 30 minute from the Strip. It is a conservation area characterized by seasonal waterfall oases, sandstone bluffs, and countless desert hiking trails. And, one of the great ways of exploring the Canyon is by cycling. Bicycles are easily available at rent.

    Cruising On Beautiful Lake Mead

    Lake Mead was created in 1930s, and since then it is one of the most attractive artificial lake in the US. It is a great spot for swimming and boating. Moreover, the best way of exploring the lake is via cruising. It is mainly an oasis as the area is surrounded by desert. There are plenty of Lake Mead Cruises that offer visitors a chance to step in those paddle-wheeled boats, just evoking memories of Mississippi River vessels of the 19th century.

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