• Greatest Parks In Las Vegas Offering Perfectly Soothing Experience

    View Of Red Rock Canyon

    Las Vegas has transformed into a great location for spending quality time. Though people are entranced by the bustling city life here, there are still some exotic places that offer people a chance to get closer to nature. There are spots that are perfect for picnicking as one could relax with their family members and enjoy the great sun and ultimate cool breeze. So, here are greatest parks in Las Vegas offering perfectly reinvigorating experience to visitors.

    Lake Mead National Recreation Area

    Lake Mead National Recreation Area is just 21 miles from the city. One could get involved in a number of activities here including boating, cycling, hiking, and fishing. The place is among most diverse recreation areas in America. There are various mesmerizing characteristics of the place including stunning blue waters, striking landscapes, and plenty of valleys, canyons, and mountains that one could explore.

    Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument

    The spot is perfect for nature as well as history lovers. One gets a glimpse into these desert badlands that have an amazing collection of ice age fossils here, including that of camels, lions, and mammoths, to name a few.

    Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

    Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area stands testimony to unparalleled natural beauty that Las Vegas possesses. Besides, there is no match of this beauty even if the town if famous for gaming and entertainment, and thus, has some excellent locations for the same. Tourists are invariably enchanted by the scenic drive here that extends till 13 mile. Besides, there are plenty of chances for rock climbing, hiking, horseback riding, road biking, mountain biking, and picnicking to name a few.

    Spring Mountains National Recreation Area

    Spring Mountains National Recreation Area is a perfect spot to visit throughout the year. Some popular activities to do here in summers are hiking, picnicking, and camping; while, one could do other relevant activities in winter including tubing, snowboarding, and skiing. The area spans 316,000 acres, and is known for surprising diversity and remarkable beauty. Moreover, it has that unmistakable Charleston Peak of height 11918 feet.

    Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area

    The place offers a queer mix of elements such as the availability of dry lake beds as well as volcanic road peaks as well. The most popular centerpiece is Sloan Canyon Petroglyph. It is just 23 miles from the downtown and is a perfect spot for horseback riding, cycling, and hiking.

    Desert National Wildlife Refuge

    Desert National Wildlife Refuge is a massive area with some major mountain ranges. The park here spans 1.6 million acres and has around 500 plant species. Besides, there are 320 bird species as well; so, bird lovers could always explore this area.

    Valley Of Fire State Park

    Fire State Park is one of the rarest parks that are suitable for hiking, climbing, scenic driving, picnicking and camping.

    Springs Preserve

    Springs Preserve is always liked by people, as they get a chance to see the true essence of history and culture of the place. Moreover, there are a number of nature exhibits that provide a chance to learn about the things in a thoroughly creative manner.

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