• Greatest Parks In Las Vegas Offering Thoroughly Rejuvenating Experience

    View Of Valley Of The Fire State ParkLas Vegas has always been associated with casinos and the Strip, which are the perfect embodiment of the ‘Sin City’ as it is popularly called. However, there are plenty of spots in Las Vegas that are perfect for cycling, hiking, relaxing, picnicking, and basking under the sun. There is no dearth of great parks in Las Vegas that provide a calming atmosphere to the visitors. In fact, most of the visitors are always stunned to explore this soothing side of the place. They have always associated Las Vegas with entertainment, and this aspect certainly makes them awestruck as they understand that they could also feel that calm while being in Las Vegas. So, here are some of the top-notch parks that offer thoroughly reinvigorating experience to the visitors.

    Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

    This destination is a hugely popular place to visit for athletes, tourists, as well as other adventure loving people. There are countless trails that are suitable for biking and hiking. Moreover, one also gets topmost climbing experience here.

    Lake Mead National Recreation Area

    Lake Mead is one of those remote beaches that have managed to attract the people, despite of the palpable effects of extreme heat that have dried up the waters of the lake here. Still, it is a fascinating place to visit and do a number of activities like kayaking, swimming, or boating in those peculiar pontoon boats. One gets to see the killing view of the Hoover Dam from here too.

    Valley Of The Fire State Park

    Valley of the Fire State Park stands true to its name as one gets to experience the flames rising visibly from the dirt all over the park. Visitors are invariably amazed by the baffling geology of the place along with the breathtaking trails. Moreover, the park also presents around 2900 year old peculiar petroglyphs that were prepared by Native Americans. This also shows that the favourite pastime of people here was certainly exploring this great natural wonder.

    Sunset Park

    Sunset Park spans 300 acres of area and extends something for everyone. The atmosphere is completely vibrant on the weekends when the families come here to enjoy their picnics. There is a hustle and bustle all around as people are seen participating in various sports leagues. Besides, there is a huge rush on the soccer fields too. Moreover, sand volleyball and tennis are hugely popular as well. There are five playgrounds and a number of trails too where people could spend their time.

    Clark County Wetlands Park

    Clark County Wetlands Park is characterized by amazing wildlife, tall reeds, and bubbling creeks. The best time of visiting the spot is early morning as one could evade the glaring sun. Nature lovers simply love the spot as they get to see a number of animals and other creatures including turtles, coyotes, and amazing varieties of birds.

    Las Vegas Springs Preserve

    Las Vegas Springs Preserve spans 110 acres of area and offers a great natural retreat t to the visitors. Another enchanting aspect about visiting the spot is that it is a perfect place for getting a great educational experience.

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