• Historic Places In Las Vegas That Are Must To Explore For Tourists

    Couple Sitting At A Park

    Las Vegas is a glittering place that has a great number of attractive casinos and buildings. Old buildings are constantly dismantled to make great new buildings. However, besides this new aspect of Las Vegas, there are some incredible historic places as well that offer great insight into the rich cultural heritage of Las Vegas. Some of the iconic historic landmarks in Las Vegas are listed here.

    Floyd Lamb State Park

    Floyd Lamb State Park is a great spot since prehistoric times. There are dazzling array of enchantingly mesmerizing ponds, grass, and cottonwood trees adorning the park. Fossils of now extinct bison, mammoths, camels, horses, and giant sloths have been located here. Nowadays, tourists and locals throng the spot and it is a great spot for fishing, picnicking, peacock sightings, barbecues, and for playing volleyball.

    Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort Historic Park

    Mormon Church saw its establishment in 1855, when the authorities built a structure that was to stay here permanently. Among the oldest buildings here are red house portion and beige. Moreover, it is located in seminal cultural corridor of the city, and is in close proximity to Cashman Center.

    Springs Preserve

    Springs Preserve is the embodiment of life, as first life in Las Vegas was found to flourish here. It spans in 180 acre area and offers a dazzling array of art exhibits, hiking trails, galleries, botanical gardens, and live animal shows to visitors. There are attractive bungalow-styled cottages as well that were designed as residences way back in 1910. Now, authorities are striving hard to restore these sites and include them in the list of narrated and historical train ride. Nevada State Museum is also located here.

    Golden Gate Casino

    Golden Gate Casino was opened in 1906, when it used to be called Hotel Nevada. It enjoys the distinction of being the Las Vegas’ first casino.

    Las Vegas High School

    Las Vegas High School is the embodiment of Art Deco Architecture. It is now called Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, Performing and Visual Arts. It is an appealing façade featuring stucco friezes and concrete cast depicting vegetation, animals, and medallions. The building has been included in the National Register of Historical Places.

    Hoover Dam

    Hoover Dam is a great example of workmanship since the structure was built way ahead of schedule and that too under the budget. Since its creation it has become a National Historic Landmark of Las Vegas. Hoover Dam enjoys the distinction of being Western Hemisphere’s highest concrete dam. It is named after 31st President of America, Herbert Hoover. It stands about the Colorado River at a height of around 725 feet. The popularity of the dam could be gauged from the fact that around 1 million people visit the spot every year in order to witness the incredible beauty of the dam. Tours are also available.

    The Mob Museum

    The Mob Museum saw its inception in 2011 when the authorities took a novel step to transform this historical post office, located on Third Street and Steward Avenue. The building has also served as the first federal courthouse of the city. Moreover, the museum also sheds a great light into organised crimes that happened in Las Vegas.

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