Nevada Overview

Gambling, 24 x 7 partying, nuclear weapon testing, prostitution and mining are not your usual attractions for any state, but then Nevada is not just any state. It is by far the most unique state in the United States of America.


Most people don’t look beyond Las Vegas when they think of Nevada, but there are a number of other historical, cultural and natural jewels to consider as well. Nevada, one of the largest states in the US, actually has a lot more to it than the shining lights of Vegas. There’s the Great Basin National Park to enjoy, the sights of Reno to check out, the ranch – styled hospitality to experience and the ancient rock art of the Valley of Fire State Part to enjoy. If all this doesn’t interest you, Nevada is also home to the skiing wonders of Lake Tahoe, world class golf courses and a unique cultural phenomenon known as the Burning Man.

Whether you travel along the loneliest stretch of road in America or explore the landscapes of the Mojave desert, you’re bound to come across countless white water rafting, hiking, biking, snowshoeing, skiing and kayaking opportunities. If this isn’t enough, you could always forget about everything else and simply head to the iconic Las Vegas Strip – home to some of the largest casinos, greatest hotels, wildest parties and most famous brands in the world.

Nevada might be a sparsely populated state that has more than 60% of barren lands, but it doesn’t have a shortage of things to do or sights to enjoy. Irrespective of your interests and delights, you’re bound to find a wealth of attractions to choose from. But, before you head outdoors, we would advise you to take in the aura of those larger than life casinos, the tunes of slot machines and thrills of the Las Vegas strip. After all, that’s one of the main reasons why you came to Nevada.


The adventure lover would revel in the fact that Nevada is home to beautiful forests, lakes, mountains, deserts and lakes. It has a rich and unique wildlife and its natural beauty is second to none. Most of the towns of Nevada are located to the north of Las Vegas at elevations of 4000 – 6000 feet. This allows them to enjoy cooler climates and greener sceneries. The southern parts of the state are more barren and quite hot as well.

Charming historic towns can be found by the plenty. The Old West ambience has practically been left undisturbed in dozens of mining towns. Guest ranches, cowboy boots and cowboy hats are the flavor of the day and there’s always a casino or a 24-hour dining nearby.

However, the sheer distances and uninhabited landscapes mean that public transportation is virtually nonexistent. You might find ample of public transportation in Las Vegas, but there’s hardly anything to choose from if you plan to explore the rest of the state. The best option is to rent your own car and enjoy the thrills and frills of Nevada as they unfold in front of your eyes.