Things to Do in Las Vegas

  1. Driving a Maserati at speeds of 180mph. Check.
  2. Making your way up to the top of the High Roller to check out a beautiful sunset. Check.
  3. Partying all through the night and well into the morning. Check.
  4. Shooting machine guns. Check.
  5. Ziplining over the city. Check.
  6. Jumping from the top of the Stratosphere. Check.
  7. Getting married in a Pink Cadillac. Well, you’d want to think twice. Thrice. Four times even.


There’s just so much to see and do in Las Vegas that you can keep checking off things from your list of things to do. No wonder the Sin City enjoys so much of international appeal. It is actually the place where all your dreams can come true. Here is a list of some of the top things to do in Las Vegas.


Red Rock Canyon National Conversation Area
The Red Rock Canyon National Conversation Area is located at a distance of about 17 miles to the southwest of Las Vegas. It offers visitors with a much needed respite from the neon overdose of Las Vegas and unfolds spectacular sceneries in front of them. The place is particularly popular for its signature red hills, the beautiful Mojave Desert and its picturesque hiking and biking trails. The changing colors of the mountains are known to particularly fascinate travelers visiting the area for the first time.

 Red Rock Canyon

Neon Museum
The Neon Museum is the best place to check out the Las Vegas that was. It is home to countless vintage signs that are placed on display. It allows visitors to enjoy a fascinating walking tour where vintage neon signs and original art forms of the city of Las Vegas grab your attention. The beautifully restored lobby of the famous La Concha Motel is the center of attraction here. You can also expect to find al-fresco galleries, 1940 motel marques, glowing martini glasses and genie lamps at the museum. But don’t expect any genies offer you with three wishes. They retired long back.


Las Vegas Downtown Area
Everyone doesn’t like the fake roller coasters, larger than life attractions, glitzy neon signs and undulating energy that Las Vegas has to offer. Some are known to get tired of the entire façade within a few days. If you’re looking to get back to real city life, the downtown area of Las Vegas is where you must go to. Downtown Las Vegas is where you can see real families living their lives and cool shopping malls selling products that seem realistic and affordable. Poles apart from life on the Strip.

Cirque du Soleil
Cirque du Soleil has gained a reputation of being the one of the best performance companies in the world. It has been accredited with unimaginable acrobatic feats that are performed with a degree of artistry that is unrivaled anywhere else in the world. Their performances are inspired by nature and culture and a trip to Las Vegas is useless without checking out one of their shows. You can find them performing jaw dropping acts at The Mirage, the Bellagio, ARIA, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Treasure Island, Luxor and New York New York. Tickets for their shows can be a wee bit expensive, but they are definitely worth the entire experience.
Swim with the Sharks
The Shark Reef Aquarium, located in Mandalay Bay, is a full sized aquarium that is famous as the only predator based aquarium in North America. It is full of golden crocs, piranhas, 15 different species of sharks, jellyfish and moray eels. Guests can check out these monsters from up close with an exciting Dive With The Sharks adventure. This dive lasts for about 45 minutes and allows you to get up close and personal with all sorts of sharks, sea turtles, rays and moray eels.
Roller coaster rides on the Stratosphere Tower
There are two main reasons to go as far as the Sahara Avenue. One of them is the largest gift store in the world, Bonanza Gift and the other is Stratosphere, the tallest building in Nevada. What makes Stratosphere so popular are the fantastic roller coaster rides that are found here – X-Scream, Big Shot, SkyJump and Insanity – all four extreme rides are sure to leave you white knuckled.

Stratosphere Tower
Check out the Absinthe Show
Forget all about being a gentleman for once. This is all about being wild. Part variety show, part raunchy gigs, part Oh-my-god and part adult carnival, the Absinthe Show is unlike any other in Las Vegas. This amazing show is held at the Caesars Palace and it is one of the most entertaining things to do at The Strip.
The Bellagio Fountains
The main attraction of this world famous casino hotel is its magnificent fountain. The Bellagio Fountains offer guests with a spectacular combination of lights, sounds and water and they have also been immortalized by countless books and movies. The fountains gush out waters from hundreds of sprouts and spritzers in a beautifully choreographed synchronization to Andrea Boccelli’s foot tapping tunes. With plenty of room to enjoy pedestrian viewings, this spectacular show is also choreographed to about 30 evergreen songs such as My Heart Will Go On, Fly Me to the Moon, Con Te Partiro and Viva Las Vegas.
Go shopping in Caesars Palace
If you’re searching for some of the most exclusive stores and boutiques in Vegas, head over to the Forum Shops in Caesars Palace. Don’t forget to take your credit cards with you because the place is bound to unveil one fascinating product after another until your credit begins to run out.

Paris Las Vegas and the Eiffel Tower

The Paris Las Vegas is one of the most popular resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. It allows you to enjoy a fast tracked tour of the French Capital with replicas of evergreen French landmarks such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, the Paris Opera and the incredibly romantic Eiffel Tower. This half sized Eiffel Tower is also believed to be one of the best places to check out the beautiful sights and attractions of Las Vegas. Other attractions at Paris Las Vegas include the Jersey Boys show and Napoleon’s Dueling Pianos.