Vine Vera Reviews

An experience worth sharing!!

I recently went to the Fremont St. Store of Vine Vera in Las Vegas and I thought about sharing my experience with these products. Being a major beauty enthusiast, I am forever looking for brands and products to try out. So, when I heard about the new kid on the block, I simply had to try it out.

Vine Vera product view

My experience with Vine Vera was unlike any other that I had. I normally prefer to order for these products online, but since I was planning to visit the area, I just decided to drop into the store. And I think that this was the best decision that I made in the entire month.

The moment I entered the Vine Vera store I was swept off my feet by the opulent decors, beautiful color schemes, rich surroundings and comfortable seating. The product counters also looked beeeeeeaaaaauuuutiful!

I was approached by one of their sales staff who started chatting me up. I think about 2 minutes into the conversation he realized that I was a pro when it came to skin care ingredients and skin care products. He immediately referred me to his superior, their in-house skin expert. I was glad for his quick decision making skills :p

Not that he wasn’t knowledgeable, but I was happy to talk to the best. This lady was definitely way above my league. She had an experience of about 7 years and she was a certified skin expert. She managed to tell me a few things about my skin, things that even I didn’t know about. Now that is commendable.

I think she realized that I wasn’t here to purchase an entire collection of products. So she suggested me to try out a few one-off products from different collections and tell her how I feel. She even gave me a facial using their Malbec DNA Collection, which I think is one of their most expensive collections. Imagine getting a free facial with one of the most expensive collections. That too, when I hadn’t really purchased  anything. Now that’s some service.

Vine Vera Facial in Las Vegas

I must say that the Malbec DNA Collection was much more than I could have possibly imagined. It felt a lot like nanotechnology, it went over my head. Lol. Not in the way you’re thinking. The product was so wonderful and it brought about instant results as well. That’s what left me confused. Iv never heard of skin products bringing about immediate results. Do you guys really use nanotechnology in these things? I mean those Stargate type things that do their thing and renovate the skin. haha.

Well, nanotechnology or not, im a big fan of the Malbec DNA Collection. I was a bit put off by the price, but your store offered me a good discount as well as a chance to join the VIP club.


Thanks for all the attention and love. Shall definitely come back and recommend your store to all my besties.